SciBioGen provides customized solution in all aspect of Research. we provides Custom solution and support according to their client requirement at an affordable Price. Some of our services are listed below

  • Genetic Sent-Out Services
  • Custom Bioinformatic Analysis
  • Molecular Diagnostic Services
  • Next Generation Sequencing
  • Plasmid DNA Preparation
  • Sanger Sequencing
  • PCR+Sanger Sequencing

  • Gene Synthesis
  • Oligo Nucleotide Synthesis
  • Customized Panels Preparation
  • Custom Protein Synthesize
  • Customized Antibody
  • Custom Polypeptide Synthesis


Bioinformatic Analysis Services

At SciBioGen, we provide solutions for your bioinformatics related problems. We can assist you at every step of the way from initial drafting of the project to the writing of the final report.


  • Genome de novo assembly
  • Transcriptome de novo assembly
  • Genome mapping
  • Transcriptome mapping by using a reference genome
  • Small RNA (sRNA) mapping
  • Transcriptome annotation
  • sRNA annotation
  • SNP analysis
  • Gene ontology analysis
  • Long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) analysis
  • We can perform phylogenetic analysis or BLAST services depending on your research needs. Just tell us what type of analysis you need and we can not only guide you through the analysis but we can also do the analysis for you. We can determine the phylogeny of the organism that you are investigating and provide you with extensive analysis regarding its phylogenetic proximity to other known organisms. With BLAST services, we can not only analyze the similarity of a sequence to the other genes and sequences in the same organism but also we can show the similarity of that sequence to similar sequences in other organisms.
  • You can get your SNP analyses through either RFLP, qPCR or Sanger sequencing.
  • We offer primer design and synthesis services for RFLP analysis. We can also choose the right enzyme for the RFLP experiments and design and perform these experiments depending on your research needs.
    For qPCR experiments, we provide probe design and synthesis services, and we can perform these experiments for you.
    For SNP analysis through Sanger sequencing, we offer primer design, synthesis and optimization services. We can also scan your samples through Sanger sequencing and analyze your results.