Largest Product Range

The only thing more diverse than our product range is the potential is holds for you to realise your vision. From basic microscope slides to High Throughput Automation Platform and time of flight, we have the broadest range for you to choose from.

SciBioGen mission is to empower the research and healthcare communities by delivering innovative technologies and solutions. We focus on innovative and advanced technologies for a wide range of applications in the domain of Genomics, Molecular Biology, Cancer, Personalized Diagnostics, Bioprocess, Proteomics, Cell Biology, Veterinary research and Environmental science.
We are a leading provider of quality laboratory products and laboratory services in all over Gulf Region and East Africa. We serve the food, industrial, government, life science, educational and pharmaceutical markets as a international distributor of scientific equipment, chemicals and supplies.


With a wide network of suppliers globally and decades of industry expertise, we provide cutting-edge technologies carefully selected from all over the world, at competitive prices. We are passionate about our work and committed to providing superior value to our customers.
• – Our team is a mix of highly talented individuals with a deep understanding of the technology.
• – Our team strives to provide complete solutions with comprehensive service agreements and after sales support.
• – Our team has a deep industry network and leverages this network to bring the best technology available at value based prices.

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